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February 5, 2024

Name: Maisi Copp

Apprenticeship programme: Level 3 Business Administrator 

Employer: CSP Ltd/ Meliora Group

Training Coordinator: Jillian Fiata

What made you decide to undertake an apprenticeship? How did you come to work in print?

I started working at CSP while completing a degree as a part time job, since finishing I have remained in the same role developing to a full time employee. The idea of this apprenticeship was put forward to me by my manager after the managers completed another course. At the time a training coordinator from the BPIF was present at my site and they sat and spoke me through the apprenticeship to see if I was interested, which I was.

Tell us about some of the key knowledge, skills, and behaviours you have developed since starting your apprenticeship.

Through carrying out my apprenticeship I have further developed my knowledge in many areas, from learning styles to the area of finance. One key area I enjoyed relates to communication, it was fascinating looking at past experiences and breaking down where communication went ‘right or wrong’ especially in regards to transactional analysis and the parent, child and adult states.

Tell us about a typical day at work for you.

My main role in customer services is looking after stock replenishment, we hold many items on the shelf for our customer to call off as and when required and they have to be reprinted when they reach a certain level. As well as this I deal with customer services queries which means my day can vary greatly, they could range anywhere from chasing a delivery date to complaints about issues. Query resolution is something I enjoy greatly in my role as when an issue is solved I find it fulfilling. I also cover our sales director when he is out of the office by looking after once of our more ‘prestigious’ clients.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your apprenticeship?

I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge to make me a more desirable employee for both the company I currently work for and any future roles I may take up, whether it be at my current workplace or somewhere else.

What do you see yourself doing on achievement of your apprenticeship?

I would like to progress to a higher role if possible to increase responsibility and pay.

Would you recommend apprenticeships in the print industry to others, and what would you tell them about the industry?

My apprenticeship doesn’t specifically relate to print however it is a great course in relation to business in general and provides many transferable skills which can be used in many industries in similar business/customer services roles, and I would recommend this course to those looking to develop in that area. Print however can be an interesting industry and is an area that many people don’t automatically think of when looking to get into a new role.

What do you think are the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship?

One main benefit is that it gives you a new set of skills and understanding that you may not have had before, for example one area of my apprenticeship related to finance, this is an area I haven’t explored hugely excluding when working with our accounts team regarding queries. It also provides you with a new qualification to hopefully make you a more desirable employee to help with promotions and new roles.


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