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Process Leader Apprenticeship (Level 4)

Designed to support individuals to to effectively lead and manage teams of all sizes as well as providing technical/specialist input and direction this 2 year apprenticeship will ensure that the process leader is able to

  • Manage resources effectively to ensure the efficient running of their department in line with organisational procedures and budgets
  • Use KPIs as the basis of the continuous improvement cycle for quality, cost and volume, using lean, operational excellence and production improvement techniques
  • Undertake and manage quality resolutions as well as volume problem resolution
  • Manage health, safety and environment within their area of responsibility, ensuring staff are compliant with all requirements and driving improvements
  • Use project management tools to plan, organise and manage resources, monitor progress, identify risks and mitigation
  • Develop, build and motivate team members as manage performance and industrial relations to achieve production, quality and cost targets
  • Provide clear direction and leadership to own team and others, giving open and honest feedback
  • Build and maintain strong relationships across different disciplines, to ensure that the activities of functions such as HR, Purchasing, Planning, Finance focus on core production KPIs
  • Lead the communication of corporate vision and strategy to own team. Use data/information to create compelling presentations and drive management decision

If you’re interested in this qualification, the next step is to get in touch and we will work out the best package for your organisation.


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