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Our Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship covers the broad spectrum of manufacturing operatives; production, assembly, inspection / quality assurance, logistics, material handling and process / finishing.


Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship (Level 2)

Designed to develop multiple skills for a fast paced and efficient processing environment. Typically delivered over 12-18 months, this Apprenticeship covers core knowledge before specialising in one of four areas.

Core Knowledge:

  • Relevant statutory, regulatory, organisational and health & safety regulations
  • Meeting customer requirements and delivering to targets
  • Manufacturing standard operation procedures (SOPs) adherence and development of lean processes
  • Process equipment monitoring, data collection, error proofing and operating procedures
  • Tools and methods of effective problem solving using data, reports and documents
  • Improving safety, quality, cost or process efficiently  
  • Communication methods within the manufacturing environment
  • Maintaining a safe and efficient work site through work place organisation

Specialist Focus (one of four routes is chosen):

1. Production / Assembly Role
Focused on following the current job instructions, delivering to standard operating procedures and more technical focus on ensuring components are operating effectively.

2. Inspection / Quality Assurance Role
Covering a range of aspects including sample collection, testing procedures, accurately interpreting data and reporting findings.

3. Logistics / Material Handling Role
Skills for following the correct job instructions, safely moving equipment, utilising relevant equipment and carrying out quality checks.

4. Processing / Finishing Role
Ensuring operates are able to utilise equipment for finishing procedures, understand time constraints, monitoring and controlling operations and carrying out quality checks.


If you’re interested in these qualifications, the next step is to get in touch and we will work out the best package for your organisation.


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