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This course will allow your staff to gain advanced knowledge and qualifications in sustainable packaging practice – bringing the benefits to your business

The course delivers against the Degree Apprenticeship Packaging Professional Standard, and is co-designed with packaging industry partners. Packaging concerns the economical and sustainable containment, protection and distribution of consumer goods. This course will provide you with an understanding of all aspects of the packaging industry from raw material conversion, understanding barrier properties and the importance of marketing and presentation. Your staff will gain the relevant, cutting-edge skills that businesses in the packaging and retail sectors need to move forward.

It’s a part-time programme which combines work-based learning and academic study — so your staff will be able to apply their knowledge directly to your organisation. This means that you’ll get new expertise for your business, while your staff improve their education, qualifications and credentials.

Typical topics include:

  • Fundamental principles of Packaging Technology.
  • Understanding the consumer supply chain.
  • New product development.

The apprentices will also be able to study to a level which suits their career plans or existing qualifications. There are also a range of further study options available, in fields such as logistics, supply chain and packaging design.

This course is therefore a great way to improve staff retention and recruitment, while bringing new skills to your organisation.

For more information, please Sheffield Hallam University



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