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Ronnie Gambier – Baker Labels

February 5, 2024

Name: Ronnie Gambier

Apprenticeship programme: Level 2 Print Operative 

Employer: Baker Labels

Training Coordinator: John Campey

What stage are you at in your apprenticeship journey?

I am currently more than a year into my apprenticeship that has a total duration of 2 years.

What made you decide to undertake an apprenticeship? How did you come to work in print?

I was eager to become an apprentice and found the Print finisher opportunity online. Since then I have gained a wide range of on the job experience and have become a skilled operator in my department. Over time I believe my progression within the industry will carry on as it currently is and my knowledge will widen even more.

Tell us about some of the key knowledge, skills, and behaviours you have developed since starting your apprenticeship.

My practical skills on the machine that I am left with the responsibilities to run has grown so much that I am now a trusted operator who runs the machine every day, completing a range of jobs and tasks. My communication between my team members is clear, and I have confidence that I can complete an job to a high quality.


Tell us about a typical day at work for you.

When I arrive in the morning i switch on the machine (Digicon 1). I turn on the lamps, the chiller unit. I then give the machine its tension and the I log into my computer at my station to see what job is first to complete. Once I’ve seen my list I will begin to get all the tools for my job so that I’m organised and prepared. This consists of my cutter, my cores, the overlam etc. At the end of the day, if no other operator is on my machine after my shift, I will cool down my lamps, take off any waste material and shut down the machine completely.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your apprenticeship?

The most enjoyable part is seeing that the work you’ve completed is too a good standard. This shows to yourself and others that your skills are to a high level and that you can continuously produce quality within your work.

What do you see yourself doing on achievement of your apprenticeship?

My goal is to progress further and further within my field of work which will contain learning another Digicon machine, this will lead to more experience on a different Print finisher machine meaning my skills will widen even more. This will lead to a chance of promotion and make me a more valued and skilled operator.

Would you recommend apprenticeships in the print industry to others, and what would you tell them about the industry?

I would recommend a apprenticeship in the print industry. This is because its knowledge that’s valued and will open doors to further career opportunities.

What do you think are the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship?

Wider range of knowledge and set of skills. So far i have gained on the job experience as well as an understanding about the print industry as a whole.


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