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Student Research Project Survey

February 15, 2022

What are the emerging technology trends that will impact retail in the UK?

The BPIF is working with students on print related consultancy projects; these projects are part of their final assessments. The students are engaging in research projects that give them the opportunity to learn about the industry and communicate with company leaders through conducting primary research. This is achieved by the students working closely with the BPIF and members.

Engage in a survey targeted at printing companies to gain an understanding of how the power of print is being incorporated in: What are the emerging technology trends that will impact retail in the UK?

This survey has been created by a Leeds Beckett University third year consultancy group completing a project to investigate which current and emerging digital technologies are transforming the online and physical marketplace, and the effect they are having on the power of print. The consultancy group is completing secondary and primary research to build a consultancy report for the BPIF, providing insight into current factors and trends that are changing the way printing companies are operating.

As part of the primary research, the group are looking to gain an understanding of how businesses and consumers are responding to digital technologies in the printing industry. They would therefore be very appreciative if you could complete a short survey to aid their research.



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