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What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships provide young people with a chance to succeed, offering a work experience placement that will give them substantial and meaningful experience of being in a real work environment, whilst giving employer the opportunity to to shape a talented, potential employee.

Traineeships are a stepping stone, with the aim for young people to develop themselves and progress to an apprenticeship, employment or go on to learning at a higher level.

What does a Traineeship involve?

  • A focussed period of work preparation, covering areas like CV writing, interview preparation, job search and interpersonal skills as well a fundamental workplace skills.
  • Maths, English, and Digital skills development where
  • An accredited vocational qualification which helps prepare the trainee for occupational standards, either with- in an apprenticeship or specific,
  • A high-quality work experience placement lasting at least 70 hours, giving the trainee meaningful work experience and an opportunity to develop workplace skills.

How long does a Traineeship last?

Traineeships last for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of a year. Most traineeships are completed within 3 to 6 months. BPIF Training expect that trainees will be ready to progress onto an apprenticeship after 3 months.

How will Traineeships benefit my business?

Offering a work experience placement gives employers the chance to:

  • Get to know and work with a young person to see if they’re right for an apprenticeship or a job in their business
  • Develop current employee’s experience in training and mentoring
  • Recruit new talent for their business
  • Develop a loyal and talented workforce
  • Help tackle youth unemployment
  • Nurture and develop the next generation which unlocking talent and potential

Employers who want to diversify their workforce through their early talent programmes have found that Traineeships are an effective way to achieve this.

What are the responsibilities of the employer?

  • Commit to providing the trainee with a high-quality work experience placement in a safe environment
  • Ensure the work experience placement lasts for at least 70 hours over a period of 6 weeks, with a minimum over 2 week
  • Agree the content of the work experience with the trainee, and us in advance
    • Traineeships should meet the young person’s interests and aspirations, your own expectations if a job or an apprenticeship is available and generally provides an engaging and realistic experience of the workplace
  • Provide a mentor to help coach and train the trainee as well as giving them constructive feedback
  • Offer the trainee an interview for a position in your business on completion of the traineeship
    • If no positions are available, you are expected to complete a meaningful exit interview with the trainee, providing written feedback along with a reference

How does Traineeship Funding work?

The traineeship is free to your business, with all training costs met by government funding. There are no salary costs, but we recommend that you support trainees with expenses such as transport and meals at work.

Are there any incentives for hiring a trainee?

Up to the end of July 2022, for each trainee, the employer will receive a £1,000 incentive payment. To qualify for this incentive payment, the Traineeship must consist of a work placements with an employer for a minimum of 70 hours. Once the 70 hours has been completed and delivered in line with the learning plan, employers can apply for a £1,000 incentive payment.

More information, including details on how to apply for the incentive payment can be found here

How do I get started?

We are here to help you get started on your traineeship journey. We will discuss with you:

  • The requirements you have within your business for a trainee or trainees
  • Information on the role
  • When you would like the trainee to start
  • The progression routes available in your business for the trainee
  • Details required on the traineeship vacancy template

What is the recruitment process?

Advertising your vacancy:

Using the details you have provided us in the traineeship vacancy template, we will publish your advert on the Find a Traineeship site as well as advertising on our website and our social media platforms. We will also post the job with the local job centre. It is also advised that you utilise your own social media platform and other recruitment processes you would usually use.

We may also be able to match you with young people in your area who have expressed an interest in starting a traineeship

Application process:

We will screen all potential trainees to ensure best fit for your business. Once a trainee is referred to your business we suggest that you complete an informal interview with the trainee before making a decision. We can support with the interview process.

Selecting your trainee:

Once you have appointed a trainee, we will work with you to agree the most appropriate delivery plan, ensuring all elements of the traineeship is met

Is there anything else I need to know?

It is likely that whilst trainees will be highly motivated for their role and looking forward to progressing into an apprenticeship, they will have little or no work experience. We will provide the Trainees with employability support and work closely with the employer to ensure that there is a success outcome for both the trainee and the employer.





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