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Upskilling Your Career Through Apprenticeships with BPIF Training

June 26, 2024

Are you looking to take your career in the printing industry to the next level? Enrolling in a higher-level apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain advanced skills and knowledge while earning a salary. At BPIF Training, we offer a range of apprenticeships that can help you progress from an entry-level role to a senior position in your chosen field.

One of the key benefits of apprenticeships is that they enable lifelong learning. You can start with a Level 2 Print Operator apprenticeship to gain foundational knowledge, and then progress to a Level 3 Print Technician programme to develop more advanced technical skills in pre-press, press, or post-press. From there, you could upskill even further by pursuing a higher-level apprenticeship in Process Leader or as an Operations / Departmental Manager.

For example, let’s say you begin your journey as a Print Operator apprentice, learning the basics of machine operation, quality control, and health and safety. After completing that, you enrol in the Print Technician apprenticeship to specialise in a particular area like press operation. With a few years of experience under your belt, you decide to take on more responsibility by doing a Level 4 Process Leader apprenticeship, equipping you with the skills to manage teams and optimise print production workflows.

At each stage, you are building on your previous knowledge, gaining practical experience, and opening doors to higher paid roles. Apprenticeships offer a structured pathway for career progression while letting you earn an income. Your employer benefits by having a more highly skilled workforce.

Some other examples of upskilling apprenticeship routes include:

  • Starting as a Print Operator and progressing to a Print Finisher role to master post-press techniques, then moving into a Production Planner position to coordinate print projects
  • Becoming a qualified Quality Controller after an initial Print Operator role, then advancing to a Team Leader or Operational Manager role
  • Beginning as a Signage Technician and learning design skills to become a Digital Artworker, then taking on client-facing responsibilities as a Sales Representative

No matter what area of the printing industry you wish to pursue, BPIF Training’s apprenticeship offerings in pre-press, press, post-press, quality control, planning, management, signage, and manufacturing can help you achieve your goals. Our programs are designed in partnership with employers to provide the most job-relevant skills.

By stacking apprenticeship qualifications over your career, you can keep your skills up to date, take on more advanced roles, and even cross-train in different areas. Investing in your own lifelong learning through apprenticeships is a wise move that will pay dividends. Get in touch with BPIF Training today to explore how our higher-level apprenticeships can benefit your printing career.

The diagram showcases a range of potential apprenticeship pathways within the printing industry, illustrating how individuals can progress from entry-level positions to higher-level roles through structured training and qualifications. The journey starts with the Print Operative Level 2 apprenticeship, providing a foundation in printing operations. Upon completion, apprentices can progress to the Print Technician Level 3 apprenticeship, gaining specialised technical expertise in areas like press operation, prepress, or post-press.

From there, apprentices have several options to further their careers. They can choose to specialise in supply chain management through the Supply Chain Practitioner Level 3 apprenticeship, developing expertise in logistics and procurement within the printing industry. For those interested in the administrative side, the Business Administrator Level 3 apprenticeship offers training in key business functions such as finance, HR, and marketing. Alternatively, apprentices passionate about signage and graphics can pursue the Signage Technician Level 3 apprenticeship, mastering the design and production of visual communication products.

As apprentices gain experience and skills, they can take on higher levels of responsibility. The Process Leader Level 4 apprenticeship prepares individuals for senior roles in optimising print production workflows and driving continuous improvement. At the top of the apprenticeship pathway is the Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5 apprenticeship, equipping apprentices with the strategic leadership skills needed to manage entire departments or business units within a printing organisation.

This diverse range of apprenticeship options caters to various interests and career goals within the printing industry. By following these structured routes, apprentices can continuously upskill and advance their careers, taking on more specialised or managerial roles as they progress. The apprenticeship model provides a valuable blend of on-the-job learning and formal qualifications, enabling individuals to build successful and fulfilling careers in the dynamic world of print.


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